Access your Applications and Data Anytime, Anywhere, Around the World…

When you cant get back to the office. Always available




  With Cloud Hosting, you don’t need any software, or even the most advanced computer. In fact you can access your windows application from any PC, Mac-book, Android or Apple tablet or phone.  Now, you can spend more time and money on growing your business! How does it work? Simple. Through the Internet, you log onto one of our secure managed servers with your user name and password where everything you need, including software and your data resides. You can access your applications 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any compatible device. All you need is access to the Internet.


You can access your Quickbooks on your Iphone. All of your applications become portable.

Imagine your windows applications running on your Mac as if they were native applications. No setup involved?

Always available wherver you are

Once you are logged onto the server, you can perform any tasks as you would on your own system. The difference is in how the data is managed. The only information that transfers between the two computers is mouse and keyboard actions (outbound) and screen refreshes (inbound). Your data remains on the server and does not travel across the Internet. Once you save any changes to files, they are automatically stored on the secured managed server, not on your system. Therefore, in the event of a power outage at your office, or problems with your computer, there is no impact or risk to your data. Your valuable information is fully secure at all times.

 Secured managed location servers are the most effective means of storing and protecting valuable data. Automatic backups are included

Our secure managed servers are located in Vancouver, BC and Montreal, PQ. This service will revolutionize how you manage your information technology and how you run your business.


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